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The Egyptian Desert is famous for its richness in traces of history going back to pre-historic times, giving it a sense of mystery that adds flavor to desert safari adventures.
The white desert is the most interesting area in the Western Desert. The white desert became a protected area since 2002.
Dining room.
Arabic & Bedouin Tent, traditional style we offer various teas, traditional drink & traditional Shisha (waterpipe).
Telephone network.
Hot Spring : Shahrazad Camp has its own hot spring perfect for relaxation.
We are in the Market since 1975 and were the first organization which offered desert Safari tours. Our idea to establish a luxurious Arabian camp in one of the Egyptian Oasis-Farfra, surrounded by the magical mountains, sand dunes and last the white Desert, with its mushroom like formations of stark white rocks sculptured by nature.
Shahrazad camp is the result of collective thinking of international tourism experts people who like the nature, the beauty of the desert and to have the experience of the wildlife.